Legislative Caucuses

Kids Kaucus;

I began this when first elected to fulfill a campaign promise to work on the broken foster care program. Members of the Legislature, Stake Holders, Foster Parents and other interested parties come together once a month to discuss current and possible legislation as well as other issues that effect our children rather it be Foster Kids, Childcare Centers or Early Learning programs. This is a very popular caucus.  I currently chair the Kids Kaucus.


Wildfire Caucus;

This Caucus began by accident during the 2015 special session as a few of us members were sitting in my office discussing fire and forest health issues. We all held the  belief that there is something inherently wrong with allowing our natural resources to burn. As a result of these conversations I put together a Wildfire report that outlined the fire issues from forest health, fire and fire suppression to salvage. The Wildfire caucus was then created and currently meets once a month during the legislative session. Attendees include stakeholders from all walks of life including other members of the Legislature,  the Department of Natural Resources including the Commissioner of Public Lands, Advocates for Healthy and Sustainable Forests, Concerned Citizens and Agriculture interests. I currently co-chair this Caucus with Rep. Dan Griffey.


Aviation Caucus;

I immediately joined this caucus when first elected as my passion is high for aviation related issues. This caucus deals with all aviation and aerospace topics and is very well attended by other legislators, stakeholders and aviation enthusiasts. The caucus is co-chaired by Senator Jim Honeyford and Rep. Brad Klippert and meets once a month during the legislative session. Topics discussed will range from aviation career training, aircraft manufacturing and modification, as well as all issues aviation. Aviation/Aerospace contributes about $108 billion dollars annually to the state economy. With this much economic impact and firms directly involved in aviation, this industry will continue to expand statewide. The Aviation Caucus will play a major part in this growth. This caucus has the largest attendance of any caucus I attend.