Political Endorsements

U.S. Congressman Dan Newhouse                                                State Senator Judy Warnick

State Senator Curtis King                                                                State Representative Alex Ybarra

State Representative Carolyn Eslick                                               State Representative Bruce Chandler

State Representative Brad Klippert                                                 State Representative Jeremy Dufault

Grant County Sheriff Tom Jones                                                      Lincoln County Sheriff Wade Majors

Grant County Commissioner Cindy Carter                                       Grant County Commissioner Tom Taylor

Grant County Commissioner Richard Stevens                                 Kittitas County Commissioner Cory Wright

Lincoln County Commissioner Scott Hutsell                                     Lincoln County Commissioner Rob Coffman

Lincoln County Commissioner Mark Stedman                                  Grant County PUD Commissioner Dale Walker

Grant County PUD Commissioner Tom Flint                                     Grant County PUD Commissioner Nelson Cox

Grant County PUD Commissioner Larry Schaapman                        Kittitas County Prosecuting Attorney Greg Zemple

Grant County Prosecuting Attorney Garth Dano                                Moses Lake Mayor David Curnel

Former U.S.Congressman Doc Hastings                                          Former Washington State AG Rob McKenna

Former State Senator Harold Hochstatter                                          Former State Senator Joyce Mulliken

Former State Representative Mike Armstrong                                    Former State Representative Dan Kristiansen

Former State Representative and Grant County Commissioner Helen Fancher

Former State Representative and Grant County Commissioner Gary Chandler

Former Adams County Sheriff and U.S.Marshall Mike Kline

Former Grant County Sheriff Mike Shay

Former Grant County Sheriff Frank DeTrollio

Former President of The Association of Washington Business Don Brunell

Washington Gubernatorial Candidate Raul Garcia

OSPI State Superintendent Candidate Maia Espinosa