Legislative Achievements 2014-2020

Legislative Achievements


HB 1526 – This bill would have directed 100% of the excise tax funds collected on aircraft to the aeronautical account instead of the 10% that was currently being directed. The bill did not come to the floor so I moved it forward as an amendment to the budget and was successful. It is now law.

HB 1527- Requires WSDA to to approve comparable standards for pesticide license standards. The purpose of this bill was to open up opportunities for license holders to earn needed credits.                                                                  Passed House 97/0 , Senate 44/5, Governor signed on 5/7/15.

HB 1989 – Water Storage Asset Management simplifies how a community can manage their water system. I sponsored this bill at the request of the City of Quincy.                                                                                                                Passed House 97/0, Senate 48/0, Governor signed 5/7/15.

HB 2413 – Aircraft Registration Simplification and Fairness Bill. Does just as it says.                                             Passed House 98/0.  Senate 45/1  Governor signed 3/25/16

HB 2925 – Allowing access to fire areas during fire suppression activities for the purpose of retrieving livestock. This bill benefits ranchers and livestock owners anywhere in the state that could be affected by wildfire.                                     Passed House 97/1.  Senate 47/0.   Governor signed 3/31/16



HB 1018 – Raises the limits on Airport Grants from WSDOT/Aviation, sponsored at the request of WSDOT and the entire Aviation Community. Benefits all 139 public use airports in the State of Washington.                                                  Passed House 97/0.  Senate 49/0.  Governor signed 4/19/17.

HB 1353 – An Elk Management pilot project for Kittitas County. This legislation put new ideas and tools in the tool box for WDFW and our Ranchers, Farmers and Community Members to manage our wildlife population. This bill is the result of excessive wildlife damage to local landowners and high numbers of Elk/Vehicle collisions on I-90 and I-82. This bill was at the request of local Ranchers and the high numbers of vehicle collisions. It has been very successful with wildlife damage and collisions greatly reduced.                                                                                                                        Passed House 96/1.  Senate 48/1.  Governor signed 5/8/17.

HB 1400 – A bill creating an Aviation License Plate. Aviation/ Aerospace is a $108 billion a year industry in the State of Washington and this License plate honors the industry. $28 of every plate sold goes to fund infrastructure at our State-owned airports. Many of these airports are located in rural areas and are used for emergency services such as wildfire suppression efforts and search & rescue. This benefits all of us!                                                                                          Passed House 94/4. Senate 46/0.  Governor signed 4/14/17

HB 1578 – Expands Irrigation District authority. This bill will allow districts to enter into agreements and contracts for power production. using irrigation water to produce power is a win for all of us.                                                                  Passed the House 97/0.  Senate 47/1.  The Governor vetoed this bill because a senate companion bill SB 5261 sponsored by Senator Warnick which was exactly the same as the HB was the bill he signed. When there are companion bills and they both pass then one of them has to be vetoed. We both won!!

HB 1656 – Aviation Loan Program. The bill sets up a loan program for the Aviation Community that would allow airport sponsors to borrow funds for purposes that are not allowed through the grant program such as economic development. Passed House 98/0. Senate 48/0 The Governor vetoed the bill because he disagreed with the board the bill set up with the agreement that we would work on the bill and bring it back the following year. We did and with the short session we were not able to get it to the floor. We have funded the program through the Capital Budget with $5 million. The program is currently operating through the Capital budget but we need to pass legislation next session to put it into statute or the program goes away. Economic development benefits all of us!

HB 1819 – A bill to reduce the paperwork requirements for children’s Mental Health Providers. Our Providers were spending 2 to 3 times the amount of time doing paperwork than seeing clients. With the shortage of Professionals in this field this is not acceptable. This bill frees up valuable time that can be used to see patients. A benefit for all.                    Passed House 98/0.  Senate 48/0.  Governor signed 5/5/17

HB 1924 – A bill to reduce the Workforce Employee requirements on Small Forest Landowners to fire-wise and harvesting. I worked with Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon from the 34th Legislative District to solve this issue.                                    Passed House 98/0.  Senate 47/0.  Governor signed 5/8/17

HB 2073 – Regarding the Washington State Beef Commission. This bill required the Beef Commission to provide a concise report on the Commissions activity annually to the Legislature. Following the money.                                            Passed House 91/7.  Senate 49/0.  Governor signed 5/8/17.

HB 2561 – Adding additional duties to the Wildfire Committee. This is a great Committee, and we want to keep them engaged and working toward solutions for forest management, wildfire suppression and timber salvage.                          Passed House 98/0.  Senate 48/0.  Governor signed 3/22/18

HB 2785 – Created a Foster Parent bill of rights. We are currently 1000 Foster Parents short of our needs. Recruiting and keeping these folks is proving to be difficult. Putting into statute the rights of a Foster Parent will help to keep these necessary people engaged. We need to create a partnership with our Foster Parents, we need them.                              Passed House 97/0.  Senate 48/0.  Governor signed 3/13/18



HB 1187 – Hydraulic Project Standards. This bill simplified the process for Conservation District to obtain approval for sponsored fish habitat enhancement projects. I sponsored this bill for the Ag Forestry Group.                                            Passed House 97/0.  Senate 49/0.  Governor signed 3/9/20

HB 1561 – Concerning the Statewide balance on the DCYF Oversight Board. This bill increased the total membership to 20 with the requirement that at least 5 members reside east of the crest of the cascades. Eastern Washington wins!        Passed House 96/0.  Senate 47/0.  Governor signed 5/21/19

HB 1605 – This bill created a committee to study the feasibility of requiring children entering the Foster Care Program to be checked for Traumatic Brain Injury, (TBI). TBI is a serious concern and many of our Foster Kids have suffered abuse.                                                                                                                                                                        Passed House 98/0.  Senate 45/0.  Governor signed 4/24/19

HB 1866 – Revises the Professional Day Care Standards. This bill would have reduced the educational standards for our Early Learning Teachers. The Governor vetoed this bill and signed a directive for the DCYF to study the issue.          Passed House 97/0.  Senate 47/0

HB 2556 – To provide regulatory relief for our Early Learning Providers. Let’s keep them in business                                Passed House 97/0.  Senate 48/0.  Governor signed 4/3/20


HB 1030 – Aviation Revitalization Loan Program

HB 1060 – Emergency Proclamations

HB 1112 – Use Tax Exemptions

HB 1198 – Aviation Coordinating Commission

HB 1278 – Childcare Requirements suspension

HB 1290 – Aircraft fuel tax distribution

HB 1355 – Noxious weeds