Re-Elect Press Release

Representative Tom Dent Reveals Re-election Bid

13th District State Representative Tom Dent (R) announced plans to seek re-election in the House of Representatives. Rep. Dent, who lives in the Moses Lake area, is currently serving his fifth term in the State House.

Rep. Dent tackles concerns that impact the families and businesses of his area and the entire state of Washington.  To find sustainable solutions that provide good outcomes, he is heavily involved in committee work to further address public matters.  Some of his work includes;

  • Serving on the Early Learning and Human Resources committee, which is responsible for setting policies around early learning, foster care, Child Protective Services (CPS) and mental health issues for young people. As part of this work, he sits on the Department of Children, Youth and Families Oversight Committee.  Dent believes every child in Washington State should have the opportunity to succeed in school and life.
  • Serving as the Ranking Member on the Rural Development, Ag and Natural Resources committee which handles issues and policies surrounding agriculture, water, natural resources and Rural Economic Development. Because of the devastating blazes that have plagued Washington, Rep. Dent formed the Wildfire Caucus. “I began an effort to encourage the use of Single Engine Air Tankers (SEATS) as an initial attack force on fires, with the goal to be on the fire in two hours, not two days, Burning up our natural resources is inherently wrong; we can and must do better”. He is a very active member and was instrumental in forming the Pesticide Application Safety Committee (PASCo) as well as the Pesticide Advisory Board (PAB).
  • Serves on the House Transportation Committee. Rep. Dent has a passion for aviation and is co-chair of the Aviation Caucus. He continues to push to improve the aviation infrastructure in Washington.

Rep. Dent passed several pieces of common sense legislation since taking office. He believes in instilling respect and trust as the foundation of relationship building.  This outlook assists him in finding common ground with legislators on both sides of the aisle.   “I feel I have accomplished a great deal since taking office, and I am excited to continue the work the voters sent me here to do. I am honored to serve and wish to continue to act on behalf of the people of the 13th district”.